About us


Indus Solutions is an education innovation driven enterprise, founded in 2012 in Hyderabad, India with a strategic and visionary objective in the development of innovative educational products and services to cater the urgent needs of the country’s Academic sector.


Indus Solutions is based on the reflection that learning is the most effective when it is personalized, entertaining and involves active participation by the students. The vision is to expand the horizon of learning by introducing innovative methods and sources that are not confined to classroom education.

Our company “INDUS” is inherited from the rich and diverse “Indus & Vedic civilization”and we do believe in ancient philosophy that young minds grow with participations during the process of education by educating themselves.

We understand that academic institutions have varied curricular and Co-curricular needs. We, at Indus Solutions research and develop customized and comprehensive solutions for schools and academic institutions for their curricular and Co-curricular requirements.

We are one stop solutions provider for academic institutions for their curricular and Co-curricular requirements.

Our company’s

Vision: Offering innovative and excellent educational products and services and create benchmark in India’s Academic sector.

Mission: Offer and design, need based innovative and Excellent Educational products and services.

Core Values: HONESTY